Vegetables… Stirfry fresh Vegetables

With vegetables, you can stir fry any vegetable on its own like the Chinese d,o adding just fresh garlic and ginger to the oil before adding the finely sliced vegetable, and tossing quickly until lightly cooked to crisp with the color maintained.

This is the best and tastiest way to cook any vegetable. Serve immediately.

I however like to mix vegetables and make the dish into a meal.

Slice spring onions, spinach, tomato…cook in Olive oil


I add sliced  tofu to the vegetables after they have been cooked to heat through and sometimes thicken with a spoonful of cornflour or plain flour mixed in half a cup of water.


This was peas with some pork and chillies cooked in China.

Vegetables are bought daily from the morning market, and cooked fresh that day. There is more taste in fresh vegetables so use them whenever possible and serve generous portions as vegetables are so good for the body and soul.

Use whatever vegetable you have and mix a few together if you need to make the dish larger.

You are the cook…


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