Avocado with Salmon and cucumber


Simple recipe….halve an avocado and remove the stone

Fill centre with salmon and top with grated cucumber and  a spoon of yoghurt.

Pour on Lime or lemon juice and olive oil and sprinkle with Sweet Paprika.


Serve cold  for lunch or bake in oven 25 minutes and serve hot


Baked avocado with Chicken


Peel a fresh ripe avocado and use half a person, or slice into a casserole dish

avocado bake

Cover the avocado with chicken meat….I used one chicken breast left from the roast chicken, and also added some seasoning.

Make a white sauce…melt butter, stir in flour and add milk to make white sauce. Add cheese if desired, and season to taste.

Pour over the chicken and avocado, sprinkle with grated cheese and some paprika and bake 180 degrees  30 mins until cheese golden.

Serve with green tossed salad…. or serve as is with toast quarters as a dip….