Yoghurt Tart with onion, tomato, zucchini, bacon and cheese

Marguerite Carstairs

One slice of Puff pastry…place on pie dish and fold over end…so you do not waste any pastry


Layer with finely sliced half onion, capsicum chopped finely, garlic and ginger (optional) and sliced and chopped tomato. season to taste


Season to taste and add fresh herbs, chopped bacon and cheese.

Add 2 tbsp yoghurt mixed with a little milk to make it pouring consistency. Pour over the mixture, add grated cheese and sprinkle with Paprika or chilli for a nip. Lightly spray with Spray oil if you wish…


Bake in hot oven..200C..for 20 minutes until cheese melted and golden

Marguerite Carstairs

Serves 2 …

When I first cut the first slice, there was liquid, which I strained away…..and tart is delicious…