Maggi Carstairs

I have been interested in food since the days of my Grandfather, who brought me up to sit at his dinner table and dine as his friend after the death of my grandmother. From the age of three, I enjoyed cuisines with a man who loved his food. I learnt to cook by watching the servants in Sri Lanka, and later my Aunt Leo who simply loved cooking, and in Australia, my mother, both are now  long deceased.

My love of food continued as I explored many courses and cooked for dinner parties and family gatherings and finally for my children when my marriage ended. I wrote my first cookbook, Cooking for Toorak Bachelors, in 1971. It was published by a friend of mine, Terry Quick, and sold quickly. The next cookbook was published in 1972, Creative Cooking for Busy People.

This time it was illustrated by a friend called Tom Kerr, and it was published only half written because I got very ill with Hepatitis B from food poisoning, and was incapacitated for almost 6 months while recuperating alone with the children sent to their father because  I was ill. The back photo on the book shows a very ill lady, thin and drawn as it was taken at this time.

In the 80’s I was writing for ‘After Dark’ as a dine-out writer, and  also writing for the Toorak Times doing Food and Restaurant reviews.

When I returned to teaching in the 90’s, I used my knowledge of food and Cooking to teach Home Economics at schools in West Australia and when I retired, started cooking first as a Muster and cattle Station cook and then as a Chef and Camp Cook for the Mines in Queensland.

Maggi in Kitchen



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