Apam Beras (马来蒸米糕·)

Easy recipe for these delightful cakes..




Wait,  if you think this rice cake should have  a flowery shape, you can always refer to this post :: Huat Kueh- Chinese Steamed Rice Flour Cake–A Cake That Brings You Luck And Prosperity


They are essentially the same type of rice flour kuih with different leavening agent. The picture above uses eno and baking powder whereas most Malay style apam beras uses yeast (both commercial or natural yeast (tapai))  and eno was recently added to have a flowery shape ..


I have to be franked that I do not like eno flavoured huat kuih as it tends to change the taste of the this rice flour cake, therefore I have decided not to use eno as a leavening agent for this Malay apam beras. Well, for this recipe, whether it smile or not are not that critical . Chinese insists the flowering of rice cake to get an…

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