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Cannoli are Sicilian tubes of deep-fried pastry stuffed with sweetened sheep’s milk ricotta. Traditionally they were prepared for carnevale, but nowadays they are prepared year round and not just in Sicily. The stuffing can be enriched with chocolate chips, candied fruit, or nuts such as pistachios. I served them as dessert for Christmas this year.

Cannoli are made with sheep’s milk ricotta, as there are few cows in Sicily and mostly sheep. Outside of Italy it can be difficult to find sheep’s milk ricotta. Since it is easy to make homemade ricotta, I decided to try to find sheep’s milk instead. Of course you can substitute with cow’s milk ricotta, which will not be traditional but good all the same.

In the Netherlands we do have sheep, but mostly for their meat (lamb, not mutton). There are only a few sheep dairy farmers, and that milk is mostly used…

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