Hot-Smoked Halibut with Guacamole

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Although I’m usually more into authentic traditional dishes, lately I’ve been doing a lot of fusion. Sometimes it works surprisingly well, like this hot-smoked halibut with guacamole. The flavors and textures are a very good combination.

Hot smoking is so easy to do and provides you with a lot of flavor for little effort. All you need is a simple stovetop smoker, which is not expensive at all. Put some smoking dust in the smoker along with a seasoned piece of fish, put the smoker on heat (dedicated burners or a gas stove) for 15-20 minutes and voilà: delicious smoked fish.

Guacamole only has two obligatory ingredients, and those are avocados and salt. It is also a good idea to add some lime juice to prevent discoloration. Other ingredients are up to your personal preference. In this case I added jalapeño, garlic, tomato, and cilantro. For the texture it is…

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