Thai Vegetable Coconut Fritters (Gra Bong Tod)

Coconut Fritters are delicious…must make some soon..Thank you

Stefan's Gourmet Blog

Lately I’ve been trying more and more Thai food, using recipes from The High Heel Gourmet. Kees is working on the boat and I promised to prepare dinner for the workers. It was unseasonably cold, so I decided it had to be comfort food. Then I read about Gra Bong Tod on Miranti’s blog, and I knew at once that it would be great for this occasion. Gra Bong Tod is Northern Thai Style Tempura, shredded vegetables deep fried with a batter of coconut milk, shredded coconut, red curry paste, and rice flour. It is street food and therefore perfect for preparing outside on the boat.

The Gra Bong Tod was a big hit, everyone loved it. Someone said: “Prepared this way, any vegetable will taste great!” The traditional vegetables used for this Northern Thai street food are not available around here, so I tried it with the substitutes of…

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