Chunky Salsa for Fajitas

Salsa is delicious on Roast chicken..or Chicken Parmesan as well as Fajitas… Thank you for this beautiful recipe

Stefan's Gourmet Blog

I’ve sung the praises of cooking from scratch before. Sure, you can buy something similar in a jar in the store. But you get to tune this homemade salsa to exactly how you like it, how about that!  You can make it as mild or as hot and spicy as you like. Or as sweet. Or as sour. Or as salty. You like it less chunky? Cut the ingredients smaller, or cook them for a longer time. You could even use a blender. Or add fresh cilantro. Below is a basic recipe that you can tweak to your own liking.

When you are lucky enough to have access to good ripe tomatoes you can make this with the summer’s bounty. Otherwise, it will turn out just fine with good quality canned diced tomatoes.

Today I’m making steak fajitas for the workers on the boat (more about those fajitas tomorrow), and so…

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