Klepon (Sticky Rice Balls with Palm Sugar and Coconut)

Been searching this recipe…its beautiful…Thank you

Stefan's Gourmet Blog

My friend Melvin taught me how to make this dessert from Indonesia. They look great and when you bite into them, there is a nice surprise of melted palm sugar inside.

First a dough is made of glutinous rice flour, a pinch of salt and water mixed with pandan paste (for the nice green color and enhancing the rice flavor). Then little balls are made and stuffed with chopped palm sugar. The balls are cooked in simmering water and like gnocchi they are done about 30 seconds after they start floating. The balls are then rolled in dessicated coconut that is steamed first to soften it and release the flavor.

These klepon were served as the dessert of the Asian-themed food & wine evenings I’ve been organizing lately. I’ve been quite busy with those, which is why I had less time left to be cooking other stuff and blogging about…

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