Foie de Veau aux Lardons et Champignons


Cooking in Sens


Spring has sprung and there are so many good, fresh, vegetables and fruits in the market that I can’t resist buying an inordinate amount.  I’ll probably be in refrigerator trouble if I don’t aggressively cook and invite people over.  That’s okay, M. Parret is coming back 🙂  I hope he hasn’t lost his appetite.


It’s like Christmas in May!  Look at the cherries from Spain, the fresh garlic, spring onions, fennel, grape tomatoes, zucchini, herbs and cucumber from France.  What’s a poor old lady to do but buy and buy again?  Good thing the market is not open everyday because I’d need more refrigerators :p


A lady has recently opened a stall next to Jean Louis (duck), selling fresh herbs, specialty mushrooms and tiny onions.  She had the tightest little Paris mushrooms that I have ever seen in the market.  I guess you would call them “button”.


Anyway.  Feeling slightly…

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