Sous-vide Salting Experiment

Interesting way of preserving meat..salting it

Stefan's Gourmet Blog

Tougher cuts of meat can be cooked sous-vide for a long time (1 to 3 days) to render them tender and keep them juicy at the same time. I’ve been cooking sous-vide for over three years, and I’ve usually salted meat right before vacuum sealing it to be cooked sous-vide. I have however also seen recipes that salt the meat after cooking sous-vide, or recipes that brine the meat first. I’ve even seen recipes that dry cure meat first (i.e. add salt and vacuum seal, then wait for 24 hours, then cook sous-vide), and wondered whether that would make any difference as the time needed to cook the meat sous-vide would certainly be sufficient to allow the salt to penetrate all the way to the core of the meat. Would it make a difference to allow the salt to penetrate the meat before cooking, or not? As none of the…

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