Pasta with Burrata, Spinach, and Lemon (Orecchiette Burrata, Spinaci, Limone)

Wonderful cheese and pasta

Stefan's Gourmet Blog

Burrata is a fresh cheese from the Italian region of Puglia that is like a creamy version of mozzarella. I had never seen it imported before, so when I did see it in Amsterdam I jumped at the chance to buy it. Then I remembered ChgoJohn posted some recipes with burrata, and so that is where I went for inspiration. I made a few changes to his recipe for pasta with lemon, spinach, and burrata . As burrata is from Puglia, I thought it would be appropriate to make this with the typical pasta shape of Puglia: orecchiette. Since I was out of dried orecchiette, I made some from scratch . Apart from some other small changes, I assembled the dish in a slightly different way.

The combination of the creamy burrata cheese with the lemon, spinach, and pasta worked very well and this is definitely something I’ll make again…

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