Fish Ravioli with Seafood (Ravioli di Pesce ai Frutti di Mare)

Beautiful Mussels fresh from the sea…

Stefan's Gourmet Blog

In Italy, ravioli with a seafood stuffing are usually made with potato rather than ricotta and/or egg to bind the stuffing. In this case I selected seabream ( orata ) to stuff the homemade fresh ravioli, and I served them with a seafood sauce. You could also use another white fish such as sole or sea bass. Clams and mussels are great because they are not only delicious, but also come with their own built-in sauce. This dish is packed with flavor and absolutely worth the effort. The delicate ravioli pair wonderfully well with the tasty seafood sauce. I prepared this for my Italian friends, and they loved it. As did we. I’ll definitely make this again.


For 4 servings

fillets of 1 seabream, about 160 grams (.35 lb), cut into strips

8 large prawns, shelled and deveined

20 mussels

20 small clams (vongole)

1 potato, peeled…

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