Charolais Steak and Pan Fried Potatoes with Bell Pepper

Cooking in Sens


Sometimes it’s hard to find a good quality steak of the correct thickness, even when I go to the butcher.  They either want to cut it too thick, like for a barbecue, or too thin, like you’re going to quickly blow torch it.  And really, those eye-rolling, exasperated “this American doesn’t know what she wants” looks are just invitations to go “postal” a la Americaine 😀  One of the good things about Charolais, even if it’s overcooked a bit, it doesn’t dry out and turn into leather. Still.


These steaks were not thick but large and 2 were enough for 4.


Good thing I made a double batch of these potatoes because Brian and Tonio ate the first batch before lunch.


Brian is not a fan of spinach but he really liked this dish of wilted spinach with lardons, shallots and cherry tomatoes.

Pan Fried Potatoes with Red Bell Pepper

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