Coquelet Sel Fou

Looks delicious….try making your own salt if you cannot buy this one…

Cooking in Sens


At the spice stand in the market, I found a mixture of salt, herbs and spices called Sel Fou or crazy salt.  Well, you know me, I had to try this!


I had two coquelets in the refrigerator, so I spatchcocked them, rubbed them with a mixture of the crazy salt and some olive oil and roasted them in the oven.  Easy and delicious.  If you are not in France and can’t find this spice mixture, any good chicken rub will do, although it won’t be quite the same 🙂  I’ll try to find out the exact ingredients next Saturday and let you know.


Nico, Babou’s husband made a red bell pepper stuffed with cream cheese,  herbs and tuna.  We ate it sliced as an entree.


Very nice.  Thank you Nico!

Coquelet Sel Fou

2 coquelets or small Cornish game hens, spatchcocked

1 tbsp Sel Fou or Bavarian essence or…

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