Jackfruit Tacos

Jack Fruit…is now available in many areas..try this


Jackfruit Tacos

Jackfruit is one of those exotic tropical fruits that only grows in specific parts of the world and is not too popular. Its available everywhere but grows only at a few regions. India is one of those places where it grows in abundance and infact is consumed differently in the north and the south region of the country. Before coming to Pondicherry I had eaten jackfruit as a vegetable in stews. It was the first time in Pondy that I ate it like a fruit and also saw ice creams being made with fresh jackfruit. It makes sense to eat it like a fruit since it IS a fruit…..but for some reason in north India its not allowed to ripen completely and is consumed while its still very tender and small in size. As a kid I remember eating rice preparations with it (one of my favorite).

The fruit is…

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