Chillies on the Go…what to do with fresh chillies

The garden is now full of small chillies which I have diligently picked and dried.

I searched a recipe for drying chilies ..and you fist wash them,  and sprinkle with salt and dry in the sun, or thread them onto a string using a needle and thread and hang in an airy place to dry. Mine are all sitting in a plastic container waiting the next step

However, Pickling them is another alternative….

Pickling Chillies

Pickling works well for most types of chilli, keeping them crisp and hot as well as looking great in their jars.

Take 1lb chillies, remove any damaged fruit, make a couple of tiny slits into each chilli and wash thoroughly in salt water. Mix with 15 peppercorns, 5 bay leaves and 3 tblsp salt and pack into pre-sterilised wide-mouthed jars, to 1cm below the rim.

Heat 1 litre white wine, rice or cider vinegar with 6 tablespoons caster sugar until the sugar has dissolved and the mixture is almost boiling. Pour into the jars with the chillies, cool a little and seal. Refrigerate and leave for at least 2 weeks.

I use chilies in most dishes..sometimes just one finely chopped for a little bite, sometimes a handful.

They are delicious finely chopped and added to fried rice, crumbs for crumbed foods, and any stir-fry.

My friend has so many chilies he is now powering them after they are dried..Easy to do in a grinder or even a moulee

I also love them dipped in batter and deepfried…but remove the seeds if you do not like them so hot.

Large  chillies can be stuffed with any filling, ( minced meat or fish or mashed potato) then breadcrumbed and fried in oil.



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