Whole Baked Pumpkin with Seasoning


Whole baked Pumpkin is so easy to make and so tasty. The baking preserves all the rich flavour.

I first did this after a Halloween when I did not want to waste the beautiful pumpkin face.  I just put the whole head into the oven, baked it until it was soft and fed it to the class in slices. It was delicious.

When I have an oven large enough, I simply cut a slice off the top, scrape out the seeds,  fill it with anything..casserole, mince, sliced onions, even seasoning made with bread and mixed herbs. Then I put the lid back on and  cook it until the pumpkin is cooked.

Here I cut the Pumpkin in half, cleaned out the seeds and filled it with seasoning made by cooking fried onions in butter or oil and adding a spoonful of mixed herbs and salt and pepper. Then I filled the centre and baked it. I covered it with foil to stop the top burning, and when the pumpkin was cooked, I removed the top layer of foil and cooked it until it was golden.

Served in eighths, it was a tasty addition to the roast dinner. The left overs was great for lunch boxes and lunch packs eaten cold.


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