Chicken Parmiginia

Another site on food you say, and there are many of them, and all popular.

People love reading and watching information on cooking even if they do not plan to cook the recipe themselves.

Here is some of my favorites.

I am a chef and a cook and recently have been cooking for the Mining Camps in Queensland feeding groups of mostly hungry men.

The recipes I will share are mostly good simple easy to follow home styled cooking.

I will assume you have some basic cooking skills and can cook most things to feed yourself or your family.

Recipes will be simple, and made easy to follow. Illustrations will be available where possible.

Here is a favorite recipe….

Chicken Parmesan

Chicken Parmigiana

Quarter or halve the chickens and either bake or deep fry until golden.

Layer in a cooking dish. Place a slice of cheese on top, and a spoonful of tomatoes seasoned to taste, Parsley or other fresh herbs and a strip of bacon.

Grill or cook in oven until cheese has melted.

Serve topped with a sprinkle of parsley.

I made this for the Mining team at Dingo Queensland…and they actually fought over the left overs.

The chickens were extra large, and I had served half a chicken per worker and they were huge helpings. Everybody enjoyed their meal served with 6 vegetables and baked potatoes. Then one man was to want more than the cook was prepared to share.

He wanted to take another half chicken to his room and I wouldn’t let him as I had already packed the bain marie away for the night. He went and complained to his team,  and I was reprimanded for not letting the men eat as much as they wanted. I explained that I wanted to use the chicken for sandwiches the next day for all the men, but he would not concede and made my stay there a misery complaining everyday about something. All because of this simple chicken dinner.

I tell you it was a dish I lost my job over…it was that good.


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